Dutch Services

In addition to our U.S. tax services, Rubenacker and Company has several associates that offer various other services for expatriates living in the Netherlands. Their profiles are presented here.

Tax requirements US/NL for entrepreneurs in Holland

What are the first things to do when setting up a business in Holland? What business models are available to you and which is best for your business?

Information on global, Pan-European and Dutch payrolling in the Netherlands

If you have even one employee living in the Netherlands, or are yourself employed by your own company there, then you need a Dutch payroll and Dutch income tax will be due.

Immigration services for entrepreneurs in Holland

If you or your employees are going to live and work in Holland, can you fast-track the whole immigration and settling-in process?

Business Facilities in Holland

You have made the decision to set up a business in Holland. It’s time to consider where you want to base your Dutch business. How do you make the most informed decision on this important matter?