Tax Services


We offer the following services to American expatriates and Green Card holders who reside in a foreign country:


Income tax return preparation of the following:

  • Form 1040 with Schedule A, B, D
  • Schedule C (self-employment)
  • Schedule E (rental property, partnership income, etc.)
  • Form 1116
  • Form 2555
  • Form 8833
  • Form AMT1116
  • Form 6251
  • Form 8621
  • Form 8802
  • Form 8938
  • FinCEN 114 Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)
  • State income tax returns
  • Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedure (For taxpayers who have inadvertently failed to file their U.S. income tax returns)


Other U.S. income tax return requirements:

  • Form 5471 reporting foreign corporations
  • Form 8865 reporting foreign partnerships
  • Form 1065 reporting U.S. partnerships


Requests for extensions. To provide more time to complete a tax return and avoid noncompliance penalties.


Consultations and advice. Regarding previous tax filings, IRS correspondence, potential tax return amendments and overall U.S. income tax exposure.